Sunday opening


May 7, 2018

I feel I must respond to Elizabeth’s letter regarding Sunday opening.
Leaving aside the traditional religious role of Sundays in the Christian world, this has also been traditionally the day when families (particularly in Spain) get together.
If parts of the family are having to work (delivery drivers, warehouse staff, shop staff, security staff, for example), then this can no longer be a family day throughout the country. I commend Mercadona in particular, in that it refuses to open on Sundays and fiesta days so as to give their staff the chance of a family day.
The writer would appear to be very selfish and finds it impossible to do their shopping over a six-day period in the rest of the week. Strange that she thinks that the world is going crazy because supermarkets do not open on a Sunday. It cannot be a caring and sharing world that she lives in.

John Price

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  1. short term memories?I lived in Gib in 1964/5/6 T thid time gib asked for independance Aty this time there was complete “hatred” for the Brits,UNION FLAGS WERE BURNT , wives if Britishcemen were verbally abused and spat upon. this went on for about a week and only stopped when it was revealed that Spain had first call on Gib/Overnight the locals suddenly became ultra/pro Brit . small world short memories but this happened


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