Protest or just a day off?


Alfaz del Pi
March 5

Dear Sirs
I write to you regarding this week’s celebration of International Women’s Day, which I fully support.
The rights of women at work have been trampled on for decades and it’s about time some ‘equality’ was brought into the system that still employs more men, with better wages even though less qualified.
Having said this, I must raise my voice at certain employees (both male and female) who are taking the mickey with Friday’s protest.
The reason for my annoyance is pretty simple. At my place of work we have been ‘granted’ (as if we had to kneel down to our noble patron and beg), two hours to attend the gathering scheduled for that day. So far so good – I can show my solidarity towards myself and other women for two hours without any repercussions in salary or time. Quite frankly, I think this is reasonable.
My anger sparked when I received a notice from my children’s municipal school saying that they will not be having class ‘all day’ because ‘all teachers who wish to’ will be joining in events to celebrate International Women’s Day. The whole day? As far as I know the local rally in Alfaz del Pi, which I planned to attend was only at midday and would last around 30 minutes.
The school will be putting on ‘minimum services’ – in other words, no classes for several hours and kids left to play in the playgrounds (weather allowing on Friday).
Luckily I have a family member who will be able to take care of my children (I see no reason why I should send them to school to play when they are quite happy doing so at home), but many women who may have wanted to attend protests on Friday will be unable to do so – and mainly because other women (most of the teachers are) are having the ‘whole day off’.
Once the 30-minute rally ends, just what are these skiving teachers going to do, apart from wear violet ribbons?
International Women’s Day is NOT a fiesta day or a bank holiday, it’s a protest day and day to show solidarity – certainly not just an excuse for a day off work, which I honestly believe defeats the object.

Yours truly
An angry Alfaz parent

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