Ecologists rail against AVE train ‘myth’

Damning report shoots down economic advantages of high-speed link

Turre councillor Martin Morales and his Mojacar counterpart Carlos Rodriguez stage a protest by the Sorbas tunnel to support AVE – but the former admits a high-speed rail system may not be feasible

By Richard Torné

The AVE high speed train is an expensive waste of money that has failed to deliver any major economic benefits to the country, environmental pressure group Ecologistas en Acción has said.

The association released the damning report in the wake of the Government’s celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the high speed train.

President Mariano Rajoy said the AVE was one of the most important and successful public works schemes in modern-day Spain, claiming the country had the fourth best rail system in the world.

But EA has launched a scathing attack on the entire high-speed rail system, estimating that the AVE has so far cost each citizen €1,118, and that the economic expectations far exceed the reality.

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