Stranded in the UK

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October 16

After fourteen months I couldn’t wait to board my plane from Alicante to the UK. Fully vaccinated, the passenger locator form completed, and my day two PCR test booked.

I arrived at my elderly mother’s house, posted off my PCR test, and two days later received my negative result. The well planned holiday with my mother was about to begin, or so I thought.

I have been locked in my mother’s house for ten days, after being told by NHS track and trace to self-isolate, as someone on the plane received a positive test result. I tried to complain but was told I could be fined if I refused.

I was told, only if you are vaccinated in the UK, are you allowed to NOT self-isolate, if vaccinated overseas, you aren’t.

Enjoy your trip, to the UK.
Ron Hathaway

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