So I am a Bigot, am I Mr. Draper?


December 16

Let me give you the Oxford ENGLISH Dictionary definition of a BIGOT Mr. Draper. ‘A person with prejudiced views who does not tolerate the opinions of other people’. Does this sound familiar to you Mr. Draper?
You who pre-judges supporters of one Mr. Tommy Robinson ‘as knuckle draggers, skinheads, etc. who it seems in your opinion are the dregs of British society. I sense I get the feeling of ‘the kettle calling the pot black’. Am I allowed to use the word ‘black’ in our controlled politically correct society. A society that is run by the ‘Fascist Dictatorship’, which calls itself the European Union.
It would appear from what I have read recently that you, Mr. Draper, will soon have to re-name your weekly article as ‘THE EX BRIT SCENE’ or some other name, maybe ‘THE EU SCENE – formerly known as the Brit Scene’. Only time will tell.
Now to get back to your reply to my letter ‘Tommy Robinson Soap Opera’. You say that ‘the hunting down of paedophiles is best left to those trained in police and detective work’. I think not Mr. Draper. If it was left to them, we wouldn’t have heard of the Rochdale, Huddersfield, Rotherham, etc. rape gangs as they kept them covered up for over THIRTY YEARS because the British establishment didn’t want us to know about them for their own reasons. Read Peter McLoughlin’s book on Britain’s grooming gang scandal ‘EASY MEAT’ along with other publications.
You will notice by now that I have not mentioned the words Muslim, Asian or Islam. But in your reply to me, you say, ‘but in some studies, there does appear to be a disproportionate representation of people of ‘Asian ethnicity’ relating to the grooming gangs.
You also say ‘when it comes to the issue of grooming gangs, conclusive figures are hard to come by’. This is not true – do your homework Mr. Draper, before you start telling people untruths. And in the last sentence in your reply you say – relating to ethnicity, ‘this could be for a number reasons including small sample sizes and bias in the collecting of information’.
So now, in your bigoted opinion, you are calling the people who have diligently spent many hours and days and weeks and months carefully researching information relating to this problem, as BIASED!!!!!!!!
I think it is time you hung up your pencil Mr. Draper.

Tony Broadbent.

Tom Draper replies:
To Mr. Broadbent,
Let me address a few points. I’ll start by giving you another definition of bigot. This is from the Cambridge English Dictionary. It says that a bigot is ‘a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who does not like other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life’. This appears to sum up Robinson’s anti-Islam stance quite nicely.
Secondly, there is no problem with using the word black, it is the word coloured that offends some people.
Regarding Robinson’s supporters, I should make a qualifier and that is those who I’ve seen on television and heard in interviews are knuckle draggers, woefully ill informed and seemingly poorly educated.
Now, let me turn to the studies. Conclusive stats on the ethnicity of people convicted of crimes are difficult to come by because the government does not routinely publish them. My other answers were drawn from Full Fact, the UK’s independent fact-checking charity.
To conclude, I would urge you to read more widely and to study impartial and independent research.


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