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December 16

Really, no really? The above letter is a perfect example of a mind-set of them and us. Great Britain a once proud and independent country, well yes if you read history from the ‘ruling classes’ point of view.
In reality, this so-called great country was built on the blood and sweat of millions of people who lived in poverty and despair. I am not talking about ancient history here.
My father grew up in the 20s and 30s in the heart of the manufacturing region of England. Every day was a struggle to feed himself and his family. Poor air, poor housing, little education or medical care. No that was serfdom my friend. My father grew up, and brought me up, to want a better country for all not just for a few.
Mr. Staples do you really believe corks are popping all over Europe at the sight of the UK tearing its self to pieces? I have lived and worked in a number of EU countries and I do not believe this is how other Europeans feel.
The truth is that we had a PM who cynically used the referendum to win a general election without any idea of how the process of leaving would work, and did a runner when things did not go his way. The British people were lied too and manipulated by politicians who cared more about winning and looking good than anything else.
It send a chill through me to read your opening paragraph, it is the speech of division in a time in history when we need to unite with nations.
I am not quite your age but I am well past pension age, what right do we have to destroy the future of up and coming generations by spreading discord and division, our real loss is the loss of our place in the family of Europe.
You have chosen to live in an EU country; you did that when Europe was an open door. If it does not remain so, opportunities for the next generation shrink.
Please stop knocking the people who have welcomed you to their part of the EU. Try taking off the rose tinted glasses with regards our country’s history; refuse to be set against fellow citizens in UK and wherever they are in the EU.

United we stand divided we fall.

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