Moan about Brexit moan


Muro de Alcoy
January 6, 2017

Dear Ed
Disagreement with Mr Cumberland’s views are seemingly “highly offensive”, despite the cause of this offense being Mr Wolseley’s “moaning”, which is merely “pathetic”.
Rather than engage in any argument on Brexit’s merits, he indulges in puerile personal attacks: “We voted leave, so spit your dummy out and man up”; “soft-headed nincompoop”. Tactics which are all too familiar to anyone who has viewed any Brexit comment online.
Whatever happened to “In victory, magnanimity”? (That’s Churchill, by the way; another nincompoop).
Apparently, anyone who leaves the UK should be disenfranchised; yet at the same time he believes that owning a property in Spain should entitle him to vote here. So presumably any Saudi princeling or Russian oligarch who buys property in London should be instantly given a UK vote; not sure you’d get a lot of support for that, Mr Cumberland.
The unfair tax treatment he received on selling his property here was down to the Spanish government – since outlawed as discriminatory by, oh guess who, that wicked EU. You may well have a case to reclaim tax, thanks entirely to that elitist private club in Brussels.
The last paragraph of his letter is purest piffle from the Johnson-Gove La-la land songbook: don’t worry about a thing, the puny little EU will have to bow to the demands of the mighty UK…
Dream on Mr Cumberland, and may the real world never intrude.

Best wishes
Edward Kendall

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  1. Refering to Mr Edward Kendall’s offensive remark regarding Sir Winston Churchill
    doesnt warrant I waste any further time on the matter he just wants to thank his lucky stars that he is there to Enjoy it had Adolf had his way who knows.

    You have enemies ?
    good it means stood up for something in your life
    ( Sir Winston Churchill )

    John Cumberland


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