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May 3

I read with interest the questions answers put to the candidates for the upcoming elections in Rojales.

There was no mention of animal welfare or public transport, two very important issues to us Brit residents who have bothered to register to vote.

I know the views and actions of the present mayor and deputy mayor regarding animal rights and issues and they are excellent. Several of the other parties have questionable animal rights issues with some that I find abhorrent.

I would not want to see bull fighting or bull running in my adopted town. I know Antonio Pérez of PSOE would not allow this and his support for animal rights issues have been excellent.

The second issue public transport, which none of the candidates have mentioned.

Rojales residents are an ageing population with driving regulations becoming ever more stringent, travel is a problem. We desperately need a regular, reliable bus service.

For many of us this is a most important requirement of whichever candidate wins. I stress regular and reliable is important.

This is the first election us Brits will be voting as third country citizens having lost many of our rights as EU citizens.

Brexit undoubtedly has had a huge impact on our rights, but one thing I will say is the sitting mayor Antonio Pérez of the PSOE has made us feel welcome and has minimised as much as he can the impact of Brexit.

The British councillor of the PSOE Derek Monks does an excellent job resolving issues for us Brits and I personally would hate to see him go if the PSOE should lose the election.

So Brits, if you have registered get out there and vote, whoever you choose… it’s important.

Peter Fryer

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