The Good Samaritan of Moraira


February 5, 2018

My casual stop for a stroll around Moraira on Sunday afternoon turned into a misadventure when, returning to my car parked in the beachfront car park, I found that the ignition key had fallen through the rather large hole in my jacket that I had forgotten about. Had I not separated the key from the large keychain, which I left in the car, I should have heard the them drop.
After four slow and frustrating treks around town and back to the car park, retracing my steps, I realised that there was nothing else I could do but to collect my spare key. A friendly taxi driver, and a 40-euro bill, took me home and waited while I climbed over my garden wall, disturbed my dogs, found my spare house keys, set off the house alarm, grabbed the spare car key and returned to go back to Moraira with him.
One last unsuccessful look around and I was back in my car, using the spare key. I was wondering how costly it would be to replace the main key, but at least comforted by the fact that it had not rained and I would be home in time for the rugby on TV. Then, after 15 minutes driving, and nearly home, I noticed something under the (fortunately unused) windscreen wiper… my missing key.
The Good Samaritan of Moraira had evidently found it adjacent to my car, perhaps even checking that it opened the door, and tucked it into a piece of paper under the wiper. Unfortunately, I had not seen it each time I came to the car as my focus was on the ground.
I would like to pass on my thanks to this unidentified person. It is good to know that good sense and decency is still around!

Name withheld at reader’s request

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