Thanks for Dave Jones’ TIE article


August 18

Dear Editor,

We wanted to say thank you to Dave Jones for his articles on getting the TIE residencia card. They were great confidence boosters, something one can always do with when dealing with Spanish bureaucracy

We went through the application process three weeks ago, all very straightforward and the staff friendly and helpful – we had had a bit of a saga getting a denuncia done beforehand as I had lost my original green residencia form but eventually got it done with a lovely guy at our local Guardia. In the event I probably didn’t need it, but better safe than sorry.

This morning (Tuesday August 18), we collected our cards from the Campo de Mirra office. We queued for 45 minutes, 15 in the blazing sun before we got into the shade of the forecourt, but again the process was quick and simple.

So now, we are proud possessors of Spanish ID cards, and the useless bits of green paper can go in the bin. Thanks, Dave.

Ed and Beth Kendall


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