Rojales council and the colourful bins

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March 13

Dear Sir,

As we are coming up to a local election again, I thought that I would remind the residents of Ciudad Quesada what this present council has done to our streets over the past eight years.
It became apparent several years ago that many of the street bins were being damaged with large slits down each side.

These bins had been in our streets for many years without damage so it was a bit of a mystery until I noticed that the refuse lorries were not loading the bins correctly.

s seemed to be an excuse for the council to replace them with larger bins and sometime after this happened there were dozens of damaged bins at the collection centre near the Aqua Park.

Once the larger bins were installed, the emptying of the bins changed from daily to only two or three times a week.

This meant that quite often the bins were overflowing with bags of rubbish and still are today.
Quite often some residents would dump large household or garden rubbish next to the bins (illegally) and prior to this council, there used to be another company that would go around the streets with a small lorry collecting such items.

However, since this council took over it does not happen and items such as furniture and palm fronds can be left in the streets for months.

Our streets and green zones used to be cared for on a regular basis but that has dropped off drastically.

Residents quite often have to request that some of the green zones be maintained and streets cleared of weeds.

There are some streets near me with weeds about one foot tall.

Obviously, nobody from the council goes around the area checking for this sort of thing.

The latest problem is that the council has been placing large recycle bins in some streets but not all.

These bins are suitable for commercial areas but not for residential streets.

They are far too big and are very colourful.

No thought has been given by the council to them blending in with the environment.

There are bright yellow ones for plastic waste, bright blue for paper, and the worst of all bright green round ones for glass.

Some streets also have green ones for clothes.

There are some light grey ones for plastic which would not be so bad apart from the bright yellow bands around them.

I suspect that Quesada does not get its fair share of the funds available for keeping our environment clean.

I think that it is time that we had a council that showed more consideration for our streets that we live in.

I am all for recycling but I do not want my street to look more like an industrial estate.

Ken Jones

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