Sun Tax


Spain’s controversial “sun tax” is likely to be abolished. The solar association Union Española Fotovoltaica said last week that a majority of members of parliament want to do away with the Royal Decree against self-consumption of solar energy. Instead, it predicts that a net-metering system, as used in most other Mediterranean countries, will be introduced, and that solar policies will be simplified.


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  1. Even though this “sun tax” is likely to be abolished, is there any knowledge around the tax rates proposed,, I see so much information around this subject that is either missing information or are the pure guesswork all in all.
    All I can find on this are pretty General, only specific info I have found so far is the figure of 40%(no mention of what the 40% are comming of), a Norwegian so called newspaper comes up with a figure of 9 Euros per produced Kw (sounds silly to me).

    Any shearable info is very welcome

    Best regards
    Svein Setten


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