Public transport in the Alicante area

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March 15

CBN 10-16 March 2023 has several articles about Public Transport (PT) – some comments are in order:

Airport bus C6 – It is of course not satisfactory that an airport connection gets worse.

However, I think that Spanish airport connections are generally quite good but you have to search for them on AENA’s website. Airlines practically never inform about PT, they just want you to rent a car. Airports have lost passengers and this of course affects PT to airports.

The Stockholm City–Arlanda airport coach (my ‘home service’) used to run every ten minutes, now it is just every 20 min.

The railway (Alicante)-Benidorm-Denia was built 100 years ago for the society of that time.

No cars, no buses, no good roads. To spend €160M of tax payers money and get the slowest railway in Spain is an unacceptable waste. There are several bus services, some of them faster than the train, and I believe that they run on commercial terms with no public subsidies.

The extremely expensive High Speed (HS) network and HS services is the showcase for Spanish politicians and technocrats. And now competition. OK, but the rest of the Spanish rail system has really suffered from the HS hype, other services are not very impressive. ‘New’ operator Avlo seems to demand registration of customers as well as names and ID. Why must rail copy air travel´s worst nonsense?

In my opinion Spanish provinces like Alicante should work for the integration of different PT modes and operators. Fast bus connections from major centres to Alicante Terminal (like to the airport) should be a priority.

Bertil Hylén

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