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Montroy, Valencia
April 25, 2018

I would like to reply to a letter in last week’s paper regarding “Hospital stepping back in time”. In the article, there was an example of how badly run public hospitals can be and gave the example of Villajoyosa, stating that there is not even a translation service available.
Having just moved to the Valencia region from the Almeria region of Andalucia, having lived there for over five years, and some further five years prior to that in Madeira, Portugal, I can honestly say we have never been offered a translation service anywhere.
My opinion is to learn the language or hire a translator at your own cost (which we always did). After working for the NHS in England for almost 18 years, I know the cost in both time and money of providing a translation service. I think that money can be better spent on patient care both in the UK and here in Spain.
Irene Johnson

Dear Irene
The service at Villajoyosa is not available at present, but it has been. CBNews last week published an article in which the hospital has actually requested CVs to cover this post. The service is available at other hospitals, thanks mainly to the expat help associations.

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