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October 5

Picked up my CBN on Friday and was surprised you had missed the main news stories!!!
Closing down of Casa Lily (not sure about spelling) in Benitachell/Jávea as they employed someone from Madrid who gave the virus to three staff and now recent customers have been warned to self-isolate.
Spate of burglaries in Los Molinos and Tesoro Park in Benitachell/Jávea.
Heavily masked burglar wrecks houses looking for money and jewels. Our friend in Tesoro Park saw the burglar on his security system. Moved quickly, wearing mask, broke security system box but did not know it was on internet.
Friend rushed back within fifteen minutes with Guardia, but long gone with jewellery and watches. Smashed a lot of stuff and failed to open the safe… You really need to check with the Guardia weekly, as they would have the information.
This week the poor Guardia will be trying to repel the multitudes coming into the Jávea area, as they tried to do last time, without success!
Friend could have rented three times over to people from Madrid!
Wife tells me that the charity shops are struggling, some taking under €30 a day and not worth opening…
All of these are suggestions of news for keeping CBN going as it is severely diminished these days, with no letters, or meaningful info.
However, fight the good fight and would miss you if you were gone…

Peter Howell

Thank you for the ideas Mr Howell. In hindsight, they may have made the news pages and I suggest that in the future you email the news desk or phone in when you learn of such incidents, as we would be eager to cover them (see contact numbers on page 2).
Meanwhile, I believe that if you take a more careful look at recent editions you will see that we have reported on people coming to the Costa Blanca from other parts of Spain (which is not illegal at all depending on where they come from – please remember that last week not all Madrid was under local lockdown).
And the previous week’s edition included a full report on page 6 over the situation of Jalón Valley Help charity, which of course extends to others.
You will also find we fully cover charities and other organisations offering assistance in our Social Scene pages.



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