Regarding C Campbell’s letter


December 9, 2017

With reference to your Letters page of the 8th December edition, may I comment as follows:
C Campbell – though undoubtedly you are right about nothing being done about the council clearing their sites in your area, I am sure that due to budgetary restraints the whole of the 60+square kilometres of Jávea is in a similar state. May I suggest you contact the Alcalde’s office to find out if there is any schedule of works in your area.
As you say, there is very little interest for working on areas outside the old town and port (those being areas that are perhaps populated by non-Spanish families), the Costa Nova parking for Granadella debacle this summer being a prime example. Sadly, I do believe that our local council, though starting off energetically, has now lost the expat vote for the next election due to a policy of accepting taxes from expats but having no desire to service their needs. I am surprised that Oscar Anton has not picked up on this so far.
Francisco Teruel – you might have had more credibility in your letter by referring to the British, not the English. Perhaps you are not aware but Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish people here are British, along with the English, and do not take kindly being referred to as English. In a similar way to a Galician not wanting to be addressed as a Catalan, for example. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own Assemblies, though the last named are having a hiccup with theirs.
Wilfred Weissmann – is there anyone out there who a) understood what his rambling diatribe was about, and b) what point he was trying to make?!

A frustrated reader
John Price

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