Deportation of UK expats


April 10

Dear Editor,

Why is the British press giving support to those expats who are threatened with deportation from Spain? The Spanish government is perfectly entitled to set out the rules which they require to be met with regards to residency, and they are perfectly entitled to refuse the TIE card if those rules are no met.

Everyone knows what the rules are, and the only logical explanation is that those expats have been unable to demonstrate that they were legally living in Spain prior to 31st December, and the only logical explanation for that is that those expats were deliberately living ‘under the radar’. They are now getting their come-uppance, and should not be supported by the British press.

Those expats are now demanding that they be allowed to stay in Spain for 180 days instead of 90. Why? What possible good will it do?

I voted against Brexit, which has caused me personal aggravation and expense in my own application for a TIE card, a Spanish driving licence, and a change in the matriculation of my UK registered car, but the fiasco in the EU surrounding Brexit has caused me to change my mind. I think that Boris has done a wonderful job.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Prosser

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