Putting pen to paper on several issues


January 19, 2018

Dear CBN
I felt the urge to put pen to paper on several issues, and briefly, unlike some contributors.
Firstly, the refurbishment of the 16th-century watchtower at La Mata. Three hundred and fifty thousand euros was stumped up for this! How much? I’m sure there are much better things to spend this sort of money when there is so much poverty in Spain at this time. My Spanish builder said he would have done it for a maximum of €50,000. What a rip-off! Or were palms greased? Shame on you Spain!
Secondly, the frequent letters, or mini novels sent in by Mike Lawson. Obviously a staunch supporter of the Labour party (party is quite appropriate. I assume fancy dress as they are a bunch of clowns). God help us all if Jeremy the Red is ever Prime Minister. All the Labour party ever does is put the country into debt. Mike, get a life!
Thirdly, the case of the five thieving supermarket cashiers who were caught by hidden cameras above their tills. They appealed their dismissal and lost the case at local, provincial and national level, so went to the European Court of Human Rights and won by a vote of six judges to one. The Spanish State has also been ordered to pay each of them €4,000 in respect of non-pecuniary damage and also €500 each to cover their court costs (Who said crime doesn’t pay?). How utterly absurd! The sooner we are out of the European Union the better!
Lastly, and on a lighter note, I read in the Daily Mail that Mr Evil Incarnate Abu Hamza is suffering in his prison cell in America, and wants to return to his cushy cell in the UK. Apparently he’s lonely. Well, I have the perfect solution. As his real name, Mustafa K(c)amel Mustafa, implies he mustafa camel. Well, give him one to keep him company, then they can both have the hump!
That’s all folks.

Jamie, Murcia

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