Brits in Spain


January 19, 2018

Dear Madam
Having read your article on the TV coverage of Benidorm (About Town article by Irena Bodnarec in last week’s edition), I am surprised you seem so miffed. We have been coming to Spain for 49 years with the usual gang of friends, mostly absent now, sadly. Having seen the rest of Europe and America, we now live in Benidorm.
We have Spanish, Dutch, German and Belgian friends; our English friends, I am afraid, are not my cup of tea. Most of them regard the Spanish with contempt, and the cuisine is also treated thus. The idea of a good meal to most Brits is six pints and a cheese toastie.
We have friends who have lived here up to 20 years and cannot even say ‘Buenos días’, let alone know what it means. That is what the English do. They say you should speak English if you come to England, but they could be in the upper reaches of the Orinoco river and expect the local tribe to give them a cheese toastie, ordered in English, and a pint of John Smiths.
That’s the impression I have, after living here for a year.

Yours sincerely
Tony Christopher
PS: Truthfully said, with tongue in cheek


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