Protecting La Granadella

July 3
Dear Costa Blanca News,
Council chiefs are determined to press ahead with what residents describe as a hugely dangerous and costly plan to direct cars, from the beach at La Granadella, through a narrow residential road, Carrer del Pic Tort, an area with 7 blind bends, despite the fact that there is a perfectly adequate road to take visitors to and from the beach.
Residents are up in arms at the council’s ongoing commitment to this and their decision to put out to tender to asphalt the road with barriers at a cost of €220,000!
Representatives of Pic Tort have met with Kika Mata at the Town Hall on several occasions and have shared with her the dangers of this crazy plan!
Last year the residents invited Kika Mata – leader of the Services Department, and a senior police officer to our street to discuss our concerns. We highlighted the serious dangers to pedestrians, cyclists as well as motorists of directing traffic through this narrow residential area.
We put forward a number of solutions to the ridiculous situation and Kika Mata informed us that she would consider each of these carefully. Senior police officials have told the residents that directing cars from the beach through the residential area is extremely dangerous.
We have now heard through media that each of our proposals have been completely ignored and the council is going to spend even more money in pursuit of this plan.
We would love you to get in touch so we can discuss this in more detail.
Kind regards,
Tracy Beaver

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