Pillar-boxes are yellow


San Fulgencio
August 24

Dear Editor,
I would have considered the content of the article by Anita Bond, (Pillar-boxes are red, CBN August 17th), to be beneath her, and would have credited her with more intelligence and humanity, but obviously not.
Maybe the fact that she assumes all pillar-boxes are red explains a lot (incidentally, it was not until 1874 that pillar boxes were painted red in Britain, previously the colour was green).
She states that as a Spanish resident she abides by Spanish laws, and pays her taxes, as do, contrary to popular ‘fake news’, the vast majority of Muslims, Jews and Indians. And, if she does not like people making a statement about their religion, then she should be asking all Christians who wear one to remove their crosses.
Why has the current furore regarding the rampant, systematic, enduring sexual abuse in the Catholic Church not generated any articles or outraged letters? Oh, of course, the majority of the perpetrators are white Christians.
And just what might the clergy be hiding beneath their ‘head to toe’ vestments? The guns that massacred citizens in Hungerford, Dunblane and all over America were not hidden beneath clothing that covered the whole body.
Linda Garfield’s diatribe in response to the article (CBN August 24th) should not be dignified with a reply, in order not to give any credence to its racism, fascism, ignorance of history and sheer inanity.
Should Linda be offended or upset by my referring to her comments as racist and fascist, I am just exercising the right to free speech that she doubtless applauds in Boris Johnson.

Yours sincerely,
Virginia Pilkington

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