“No Words”


October 18

I’m sickened to the stomach
Repulsed by what occurred
Reports of wanton slaughter
Left me totally disturbed
No words can ever be enough
To say how sad I feel
Atrocities now in the news
Seem horrific and unreal
I feel ashamed to be a man
When men can do such things
It breaks my heart
It numbs my soul
With all the thoughts it brings
I had to ask God for some help
To cope with my distress
To try and put things out my head
Whilst asking him to bless
Those innocents who lost their lives
For reasons so inane
Who perished quite horrifically
By those who have no shame
God Bless you little children
God bless your parents too
God Bless the men and women
Who just lived the lives they knew
No words express the heartache
That I feel for those who died
I’m sure I’m not the only one
Who heard the news and cried
I’m just a man who has a care
Who takes it all to heart
No words describe
The men of hate
Who tear the world apart.

by David Whitney ©2023

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