An official invitation to CLARO

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October 25

Now that PIOC is a legal political party for Orihuela Costa, we extend an official invitation to Antonio Cerdan, president of CLARO, the executive committee and its membership, to hold a meeting ASAP to reach a mutual agreement on how we can work together for the benefit of Orihuela Costa.

We will meet you any time, any place, ideally before your AGM next month, at Los Cucalos Restaurant Los Dolses where you hold your party meetings on Thursdays, when you are all together.

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER, DIVIDED ORIHEULA COSTA FAILS! The coast needs us to be united. As we have mentioned numerous times, the elections are not a platform for independence, but for bringing equality to the coast. We are not looking for a long term marriage/partnership, NO, it is just for the next two elections, the coast is in its worst ever condition and it is getting worse as we write.

Put self-interests away, meet face to face, shake hands and create a unique list of fantastic candidates from the coast to contest the elections next May 2023.

United we can achieve great things for the coast, together.

Kind regards,
PIOC – Partido Independencia Orihuela Costa

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