NHS and Corbyn


August 15, 2017

I read with amusement Mr Draper’s diatribe regarding the NHS and his lamentable articulation of Jeremy Hunt. Unbecoming of a columnist.
Yes, the NHS needs rehashing, but I read with horror he narrowmindedly suggests Jeremy Corbyn be the saviour.
Or has he (T.D.) a weird sense of humour? He rants that the Tories are “ideologists”. Actually it’s Labour who are “idealists” – not the realists who are trying to keep an even keel across the board, albeit unpopular, and level out the mess Labour left behind.
I used to be a Labour voter, but have no confidence in their Utopian policies. I’m also nonplussed at his tirade re the “disastrous Brexit result”. Hasn’t he noticed how major countries are already investing in the UK?
It is also apparent that Jeremy Corbyn is still campaigning. Perhaps, Mr Draper, you ought to remind him that the election was over a couple of months ago, and stress he didn’t win it.
Mr Draper, wouldn’t it be much nicer in your column if you showered workers of the NHS and other services with the praise they deserve for their dedication under the circumstances?
It’s support the UK needs, not constant nitpicking. I think people are getting fed up with it.


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