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July 28

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately, one of my friends is having cancer treatment. She has 24 sessions of radiotherapy and as you can imagine on a daily basis it is draining to say the least, especially in this heat.

She has another three weeks to go, I normally drop her off or if she feels up to it she drives herself. Recently on three occasions she has been told her treatment has been cancelled due to the radiotherapy machine breaking down or she has suffered a delay of three hours as it is playing up.

Surely something can be done, it is bad enough that anyone being there is suffering without the added problem of the machine not working, also the fact there is a break in treatment, which can’t be good.

I know that some public hospitals send patients to private hospitals to use the equipment but surely there should be more than one machine available to patients even if it means going to another hospital? I know it’s about money.

Unfortunately, cancer is not going away anytime soon. When you go to the department, it really makes you think, we take so much for granted and when you see all these people having this awful treatment all in the name of getting better.

Let’s get more equipment, whether it’s for a private hospital or a public one. We need it!

L. Hawkins

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