Mobility scooters


November 26, 2016

I read the article about mobility scooters with such disbelief that I checked that we had not done a fast-forward to April 1st.
If this really is a genuine proposal I can only assume it has been made by idiots, or by someone who has had a collision with a mobility scooter and is feeling sore.
My 87-year-old husband is disabled and uses a scooter. We live in the mountains behind Gandia and from time to time venture down to the coast for a change of scene. Benidorm is one of our regular destinations, but the thought of my husband being forced to drive his scooter on the roads of the town and to have to compete with the traffic thereon doesn’t bear thinking about.
If this really does come into effect we will be staying up in the hills.
Sylvia Pearson

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