La Zenia hugger muggers

November 5
I was at La Zenia beach yesterday and was just finishing parking my car, when my wife and I were approached by two young (say 18 years old) girls asking if I knew of a restaurant or discotheque in the area.
As they approached us, they came very close and offered us their hands in a form of greeting and then one tried to kiss me on the cheek and immediately I pulled away. They both tried to hug my wife and me and were pulling on my wrist at my watch and my wife’s rings on her hands.
I pushed one away immediately and shouted to my wife “push her away too they are trying to mug us”; at that point a silver car sped by and they jumped in the back and sped off.
With the whole experience, very new to us, I didn’t manage to get the car make or number plate. They got away with nothing, but even though we’re in our 50s, it shook us up a bit to think what could have happened
One girl had long dark hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a red, black and white fitted sports tracksuit and the other had medium brown hair, shoulder length, with jeans and a blue top.
Please warn readers to be extra vigilant in these areas as they are on the prowl while the beach is quiet this time of year.
I have made a report to the local police.
Nigel Ramsay

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