Jávea dog pound issue



July 23, 2016

The Ayuntamiento should finally “let the cat out of the bag”, stop playing games and stop taking the people of Javea for fools. What’s all this about? For a lot of money the Ayuntamiento plans to build a new dog shelter for 20!!! dogs. There is no plan (they say) to “dispose” of the some 200 dogs currently in the APASA shelter.

APASA should play a role in the planning and the running of the planned new shelter. Really?? Obviously, the current shelter will certainly be closed (they just don’t spell it out yet). After all, it is about the noise of the shelter bothering the nearby urbanisation and that being the reason for the shelter to be transferred to some other area. Why don’t they finally come clear?

One thing is for sure: the sponsors and friends of APASA will do everything – and I mean everything – to make sure that the Ayuntamiento will meet their obligations (incl. finance and animal protection) and that under no circumstances shall there be any “death shelter” here in Javea.

Gilbert Esseiva

Apasa Javea


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