I’m a so-called Remoaner


Cañada Del Trigo (Murcia)
May 3

Dear Sirs and particularly Mr/Ms N J Whiteside,
For the sake of brevity, I will assume your correspondent to be male.
I am one of Mr Whiteside’s so-called Remoaners and happy to be so.
I am intrigued by his latest missive and, more to the point, his criticism of those of us who continue to oppose leaving the EU. His comments are those of someone who believes his is the only opinion that carries any logic. Let´s just have a look:
His statement re the ‘fact that considerably more people voted Leave’. Look again at the figures. Leave – 17,410,742. Remain – 16,141,241. Majority – 1,269,241. Said out loud and out of context that seems a large figure, but it represents approximately three per cent of the entire voting population. Hardly a vast amount.
Now, let’s tackle his questions in order.
1.Why are Remoaners not proud of their country Mr Whiteside?
Have you considered that we may actually care? And yes, I do still collect my pension, for which I made contributions for almost 50 years. I paid my taxes willingly.
2.Achieving a second referendum is of paramount importance for all.
Leave should consider it as an opportunity to finally shut up us pathetic Remoaners once and for all, shouldn’t it? As for quoting Mr Obama, have you forgotten there is a new man in the White House? Name of Trump, whose views are directly opposite those of his predecessor.
3. No, I am not prepared for those you mention to rule. That’s why I vote in every election. So that I have a government who are prepared to fight our corner.
As for ‘Project Fear’, may I point to the Big Red Bus Lie.
Finally (you´ll be pleased to know), the heroes and heroines of the two World Wars gave their lives for many reasons, one of which was the blessing of free speech and thought. Thankfully that is still true today. So in short, Mr Whiteside, have some respect for the 16,141,241 who didn´t agree with you.

Julian Norris

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