March 24, 2017

I would just like to air my views regarding the situation I have with Iberdrola.
Over a year ago, I was sent a bill for €7,200 and disconnected because Iberdrola accused me of tampering with the meter. I have always paid my bills on time and always wondered why I had such high bills, considering how careful we are.
This €7,200 bill/fine was on top of our monthly bills, which came to about €2,500 for the year, making a total of just under €10,000 for that year. Over the years I have had problems with the electricity supply to my house and it has been checked by Iberdrola and other electricians.
I stress, I myself have never touched this meter. Iberdrola sent one man around without us knowing, and this was on his word only that the meter had been tampered with.
My lawyer has taken up the case, and apparently if they suspect the meter has been tampered with they must send round one engineer with an inspector and the owner of the property to inspect the meter. Also, we had to pay this invoice plus €65 for reconnection, and I am waiting for a refund via our lawyer and the arbitrator.
The funniest thing is that since they supposedly corrected the meter, my bills have dropped in price. Explain that, Iberdrola!

Name withheld

Regarding the price drop we have explained in previous letters that the tariff now fluctuates on a daily basis and it has dropped considerably since February.

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