Closed bars owners fuming at ‘ignorant’ holidaymakers


British and Spanish owners of bars forced to close over the spreading of Covid-19 in Benidorm are fuming at British holidaymakers who are buying booze in nearby supermarkets and sitting on their outdoor bar tables and chairs that cannot be moved indoors despite the closure.
The whole purpose of the lock down is to avoid gatherings that could spread the virus.
On Facebook, the owner of one British bar blames ‘ignorant holidaymakers’, and also the local police for not turning up to move them away.
The ‘stay at home’ message means ‘Stay at your hotel’for tourists… Residents are asked to pass on the message!

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    • Let me guess, you are under 30 and you will never catch anything, you are typical of the younger generation, it is all zME ME ME , nobody else matters. Let’s just hope that you get this term and are then pleading for help and the powers to be tell you to get stuffed. Ignorant twats like you deserve every bit of bad luck going.

  1. Their on holiday , I’d do the same ???

    See if you still think your holiday was worth it when you take virus back and pass it on to your parents / grandparents who then kick the bucket … Idiots

  2. How will the bar owners survive this shut down. I hope the government are helping them. COSTA may find itself all shuttered up at the end of all this. As for drinking outside they should space the tables far apart. Don’t allow anyone on the plane if they show any signs. Let’s face it anyone who goes on holiday to Benidorm etc… are not high class travellers.


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