Lamenting the paucity of half bottles


I’m deliberately only writing about one wine this week, which is quite unusual for Cork Talk, as regular readers will know. The wine concerned isn’t the finest of wines, though perfectly drinkable – it does what it sets out to do. However, it’s not really the wine that is my point in today’s column.
One, is a significant number, considering the above title. It’s indicative of the choice, generally, of wine in half bottles that we have in supermarkets and also, more damning, often in wine shops too.
I posted a similar comment on social media recently and received light-hearted messages to the effect that a full bottle was better as there was more to drink! Oh, yeah, I get it, don’t worry – the more so in these very difficult times. Although, hey folks, we shouldn’t be turning to the bottle (or the half bottle) as a means escaping our worries, depression, stress etc.
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