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November 27, 2017

Dear Editor
Commenting on M P Davin’s letter (CBNews, November 24-30, 2017), I would like to point out that I am a Muslim and lived in the UK for thirty years, during which I, and my family, celebrated Christmas every year, with the elaborately decorated Christmas tree taking the prime place in the sitting room.
I couldn’t, possibly, tell my little girl that it is not yours, while the whole nation is in festivity – and don’t mention the three weeks’ school holiday. I was also careful to give her a good present on this occasion, beautifully wrapped and placed under the tree, because I was fully aware that she would be asked, by her class mates: What did your dad give you for Christmas?
I wasn’t the only Muslim in the UK who celebrated Christmas, as I realised that many other Muslims of my acquaintance and those who worked with me were also celebrating Christmas and even visiting each other on this occasion, and have a Christmas dinner together. Therefore, I was very pleased to see a Tesco advert showing Muslim families celebrating Christmas. They stopped it now.
May I also point out that Christmas greetings do not offend Muslims, despite what the politically correct people say. I have always exchanged Christmas cards with my neighbours and my colleagues at work and wished them a Merry Christmas.
As for nativity plays, I am very happy to tell M P Davin that my daughter, who is a Muslim, has often participated in them at school. Nativity plays do not offend Muslims because we believe in Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Perhaps M P Davin doesn’t know that there is a whole chapter in the Qur’an designated to the story of the Virgin Mary and her baby Jesus – The Chapter of Mary (Surat Mariam) – telling the story of the birth of Jesus.
M P Davin may also be surprised to learn that our Saudi employers, in the UK, were keen to give us a Christmas present every year, and throw a party on New Year’s Eve.
Finally, if M P Davin didn’t find Arab Muslims celebrating Christmas in the Middle East, I equally didn’t find British Christians celebrating Eid in the UK.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Ezzeddin M Ali
Egyptian journalist


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