Hitchin, Herts, UK


October 24, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is part one of the Elesios Playa garages. This is a story no one seems to understand.
Over the last four years the garages have been in the basement of Elesios Playa blocks one, two, three and four.
Now, the garage owners took the flat owners to court for twelve leaking garages and won the case; the lady judge was in Alicante.
To my/our surprise, the lady chairwoman of the Elesios Playa garages was the cousin of the judge in Alicante.
To top it all, the lady chairwoman’s husband has done some of the work. He (her husband) did some work, but it was so bad the inspector would not sign it off, that cost €41,000.
Various people quoted for the mending of the platform at Elesios Playa Mar Azul, but they were not in the running.
The flat owners, some 250 in total, are not happy with wasting €41,000.
Is this coalition? It is in my book.

Yours sincerely
Keith Cooper

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