Cabanyal resurgence


November 25

Dear CBN
I would like to comment on Joe Wickman’s article headed “Cabanyal resurgence”, in this week’s Costa Levante News.
I have lived in the barrio of El Cabanyal for eleven years and I accept that there is a certain amount of confusion with regard to the geography of this barrio (district).
For administrative purposes, the Ayuntamiento have seen fit to combine the barrios of Cabanyal and Canyamelar, but in reality, they are still two very separate barrios. If Mr Wickman’s article was intended to be a comment on the state of Cabanyal, then I am able to tell him that the barrio he was describing was not Cabanyal but in fact Canyamelar, which is where the picture accompanying the article was taken – Calle de Rosario in Canyamelar.
It is not therefore correct to say that ‘Valencia City’s Cabanyal district is flourishing’. It is true to say that Canyamelar is in a better state but, as far as Cabanyal is concerned, it continues to degrade, as it has been doing for the last twenty or more years.
Despite their election promises, the current local government has done virtually nothing to improve the situation. The area has a large number of abandoned and illegally occupied buildings, wherein the local police fight an ongoing battle with drug pushers and others of an antisocial persuasion.
Should Mr Wickman doubt this, he does not have to leave his office but can easily ascertain the current state of most of the streets of the barrio of Cabanyal by utilising google street view.
Yes, new businesses and bars are opening and also some renovation of buildings is happening in Canyamelar, but this has come about by people’s private initiative.
Meanwhile, Mr Wickman, Cabanyal continues to deteriorate, while the Ayuntamiento does nothing. I hope this letter puts the record straight.

John Wallace

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