‘Didn’t understand what they were voting on’


Dear Sir
I think if I hear ‘people didn’t understand what they were voting on” I will scream. We knew, that’s why we did it.
We live on a small island which is overcrowded. Last time we were home we couldn’t see a doctor for three weeks and when we checked into the surgery 50% of the language on the check-in machine was Polish. I don’t mind the Polish as they were very brave in the 2nd world war, but we are full up!
We didn’t like being dictated to by the EU with things such as the Human Rights Act, which was a farce. We can’t send a murderer back to Italy because of his rights. It’s disgusting.
As for Calais Jungle, we were mobbed in our campervan by 30 immigrants at 3am, which was terrifying. They were all young men (economic migrants). They were breaking into the cars in front of us and not a policeman in sight. It’s a French mess, they should sort it out.
What is it people don’t understand: why have another referendum, because we didn’t like the vote the first time around? So Labour gets in for a year and we say: “We didn’t like that result we must vote again”. Millions voted for out.
Another thing: if you emigrated to Australia would you still expect your heating allowance? So why here? You choose to make your life here, that’s the chance you took. Why should the British public pay for you and your new lifestyle? Also when you have lived out of the UK for 15 years, why should you expect to vote? Surely you are all Spanish by now. If you were in Australia would you expect a UK vote? Why? You don’t live in the UK anymore.
The result says “Out”, what don’t you understand? To imply that anyone who voted for out and didn’t know what they were doing is insulting.
Please give it all a rest.

Yours sincerely
Mrs F Oliver.

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  1. Mrs.Oliver I am one of those British citizens who has been outside the UK for more than 15 years so denied a vote in the referendum.Hardly a democratic vote,but hey,we are to get back our chance in 2020,hope at least most of us “oldies” are around for that.I can sit on the fence because I operated a business here for the required years to gain a Spanish pension.But I dislike the view that you think other ex-pats.should be “Spanish”because of the time spend as resident here.I served in the British armed forces & vowed allegiance to our Queen,so there is no question of having anything except British nationality.Also,like so many others,have paid into the British tax system & have a pension because of this.It is wrong that those who emigrated to our colonies have had THEIR pensions frozen etc.I think,to pay for the misfits who ,in UK depend on free payouts(called “my entitlements”)to fund them.Perhaps you should be shouting at them rather.Why is it that the British are in favour of space exploration when it is thought that crossing a strip of water into another place is deemed,like Mrs.Oliver,to be beyond that lady´s comprehension.

  2. Mrs F Oliver I don’t just come here for a holiday I live here and If your thinking is Ukip Tory Racist Then you will have to put up with a lot more . The waiting times in the UK is caused not by The EU but By the Tory Ideoloy and a lack of finance. and if you think that The NHS will get more ie 350million a week think again The government have the money to sort it out but they want to privatise the Health service Plenty of money for the HS railway Third runway for the benefit of London nowt for the health service. If your thinking is like this stay away from Spain as we don’t want you

  3. Mrs Oliver is right. We did know what we were voting on. Farage and Johnson boldly standing in front of their ‘Battle Bus’ which told us in huge letters that we would have £350 million a week to spend on our NHS if we left the EU. Immediately after the vote, Farage said the statement was a ‘mistake’. No it wasn’t. It was a lie, pure and simple. Then he stepped down! Johnson told us we could have free trade but without the freedom of movement for EU citizens. No we can’t. And, lo, Johnson then stepped down. Gove, another champion of the Leave campaign told us people were fed up with listening to ‘experts’. Then he justified his leadership campaign by pointing out he was the only candidate with the experience for the job. Another ‘expert’ who has disappeared from the Leave campaign. So we thought we knew what we were voting for and it turned out to be a complete tissue of lies. Why aren’t these liars stepping up to the line and driving the negotiations with the EU? I think most of us can guess!

    Yours sincerely
    Frank Kahney


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