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March 8

Just thought I would drop you a line about the bizarre weather we are having at the moment, last week we had snow falling up on Aitana and also on the top of the Finestrat’s Puig Campana.

Plus we have had some terrible winds and freezing night time conditions, now all of a sudden this week the temperatures have shot up so high and it’s almost like summer and beach weather (not that I’m complaining).

Also I have heard from my relatives in the UK that they have also got a new storm arriving called the Beast from the East leaving a lot of places around the country with snow and freezing conditions.

An overall thought about the planet’s weather conditions this year.

Weird things are happening, there has been snow in Los Angeles on the Hollywood sign (a very rare sight I’m told), but also the same day there was a record heat wave in Washington making a 38 degree difference between the two places.

My concern is that scientists are warning us constantly of the planet’s global warming saying that Europe is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world.

Let’s all take note and see if we can try and help the planet.

Yours sincerely
Lorena Galera

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