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August 16, 2016

I returned from Spain last Monday with my two children and wife.
As we set off near Villamartín we were sat stationary at a zebra crossing and we were rear-ended by a Spanish-plated car (not a hire car) and given false details by an English driver of the vehicle.
I took pictures of both cars and have a bill of £835 to fix my vehicle or go through my insurance and lose my NCB with them.
Please could you advise me if you know how I can trace the owner of the vehicle as I have the registration number and photos of both vehicles?
Any help would be appreciated regarding this matter.

T J Sawkins
Resident in Orihula Costa for at least 10 years

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  1. Trafico will, for a small fee of less than Euro 10, supply all the vehicle owners’ details on submission of the correct TASA form. You will need to give the reason and your problem will suffice. It would have “helped” if you had reported some even minor injury e g whiplash, and then called the police, Guardia Civil, Trafico division, and then the attending officer would have traced the offending driver for you. Even if he has returned to the UK he can be held responsible. Good luck.

    Go to for more info: it is the Trafico web site. Brian Deller “Motoring in Spain” book.


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