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August 17, 2016

Dear sirs
Having been in Spain for over five years I am now trying to replace my European health card (EHIC). Because I am a resident and do not have a UK address, I can’t do it online. I have made over 30 telephone calls to the DWP and the Overseas Health Care Dept and have ended up going round in ever decreasing circles. .
One department tells me this and another something else and some have no idea of what to do. It is a shambles. I am S1 /SIP registered with Spain and receive good medical care here.
From my last call, it would appear that the Spanish authorities have not returned my S1 form three years ago and are not being paid for my medical care here in Spain. So, hopefully a windfall for them. But another department confirmed that it had been returned.
I now have a new SI form that by special courier took 28 days to arrive, and have to go through the SIP registration process again.
What should be a simple process is turning into a bureaucratic nightmare.

Dave Peachey

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