Could you cope with being blind?


December 31

Hello Editor
As I watch the adverts rolling by each night repetitiously. There is one advert that upsets me more than any others. In addition, that’s the one with the young girl who is blind and has a guide dog, she says she doesn’t know how she’d manage without her guide dog Trusty.
I think blindness is the worst affliction one could cope with, if you haven’t got that wonderful dog to help you live your life as normal as possible. Then there’s the chap who says he woke up on his wife’s birthday and everything was black, he couldn’t see a thing. He goes on to say he used to be a tattooist when he could see. My heart bleeds for this chap and all the other people who have no sight.
All he is asking for GBP1 per month and you’ll get a cuddly toy and an up to date of your puppy growing up to ultimately be a guide dog.
We have many people living in the UK who are millionaires; could some of these people buy a guide dog for these who have no sight? It would be peanuts to these so fortunate. How in heavens name could you cope with your privileged lives, and then all of a sudden you’re blind.
Just imagine for a moment all the places you go to, all the clothes money can buy and you wake up and you can’t see a thing, you’re blind, you can’t see your children growing up, or see your wife or girlfriend, no work, money soon dries up when you’ve been used to spending how you used to, you are now blind. Where is your heart?
Please help these unfortunate souls. Just stand there and think about it. You could never cope with your life, you’ll have to rely on other people for everything. Your life would never be the same. I know you couldn’t cope. And then this poor unfortunate chap, and this is the crunch part, he’s facing you and says “thank you” and he hasn’t even got a dog. Bring tears to my eyes.

Yours faithfully,
Lorna Holder.

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  1. Lorna, You are absolutely right.I have been a sponsor for many years. It is also possible to pass your sponsorship to another person as I do.I nominate one of my young relatives so that they may realise how lucky we sighted people are & they can follow “their” puppy’s progress throughout the training.Guide dogs for the blind do not receive any government contribution,they have to rely on the public for support.So PLEASE if you can,go ahead & give a blind person the chance to make life just a tiny bit more bearable.


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