Re: The Barcelona Attack


September 3

Dear Sir,
The derogatory treatment Catalan police inflicted on Spain’s various security forces surfaced right after the van driver carried out the massacre on Las Ramblas, then escaped, and managed to hide five consecutive days. Incredible, but Guardia Civil, Policia Nacional, etc. nearly had to “beg” the Mossos d ‘Esquadra for pictures of the suspect to participate in and intensify the search for the fugitive. Catalan authorities may call themselves very lucky that the perpetrator on the run, after having fatally stabbed the owner of his getaway car, did not commit any more violent acts.
It took 20 hours after the incident until reluctant Catalan representatives attended an emergency meeting scheduled by members of Madrid’s security forces to coordinate further procedure.
Spain’s bomb squad TEDAX was snubbed by Catalan experts who defused the 100 remaining gas bottles and explosives at the house in Alcanar, illegally occupied by the jihadists.
According to the newspaper “El Periodico de Catalunya” the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) of the USA, founded subsequent the 9/11 assault on New York to coordinate and analyse information, gave the Madrid government and supplied information about a possible attack and recommended the blockage of highly frequented tourist zones but the Mossos ignored the warning.
Julian Assange from WikiLeaks calls the US document a fake and alleged contradictions in its text and erroneous punctuation marks. The commander of the Mossos and head of the Catalan ministry of the interior refer to the criticism of the “omission blame” as an “intoxication campaign” to smear the excellent service the police have provided… The chief of the Mossos called the recommended blockade of Las Ramblas unnecessary because the plan of the jihadists was obviously to blow up the three vans they had hired.
In La Sexta Noche TV, a journalist revealed the devastating news that – prior to the Barcelona attack – online Islamic radicalization remained undetected by the Mossos.
I think the incidents in Berlin, Nice and London, so called “low cost attacks, have provide beyond reasonable doubt, that something like that could have been expected in Spain, too.
In my opinion those goofy pro-independence fanatics have blood on their hands.

Best Regards

As mentioned in this section last week, the CIA information was given to the Mossos as well, but it was not considered important. Police did advise Barcelona town hall to install bollards, but Mayoress Ada Colau did not consider them necessary.

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