Genuine postage stamps


May 24, 2017

I recently spent two weeks’ holiday in El Campello and purchased some stamps from a Chinese shop advertising stamps. After purchase I was told I had to post them in the green box at their door. To date no one has received their cards. Are these stamps genuine? Should they not be then I think they should be banned from selling them.
Janet Edgson

The safest way to get stamps is at the post office (Correos) or at a tobacconist (Estanco).

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  1. Like you,Janet,I purchased a stamp from a Chinese shop because I was in a hurry to see my letter posted before the post office closed that day.However 1 euro for a letter for delivery in Inverness seemed rather cheap.Fortunately I rushed down the street on ancient legs & managed to get to Correos in time where I was charged about 1euro 55.So if anyone cares to try THEIR luck with this Chinese system I have a stamp which I will willing donate.As an afterthought,why do these shops set up postboxes & print out these stamps,which obviously costs,when it doesn’t work? kind regards Alice.


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