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May 20, 2017

Dear Sir,
Re: Issue No 2241 – Letters page: Gibraltar Sovereignty
David R. Burrage, despite writing at tiresome length (May 19-25, 17), simply fails to comprehend that the Gibraltar deal can be compared with similar business translations such as the Louisiana Purchase: Napoleon, who had recovered Louisiana from Spain by secret treaty, sold all of Louisiana, stretching to the Canadian border, to the US, for 11,250,000 dollars in bonds, plus 3,750,000 dollars indemnities to American citizens with claims against France.
In 1819 Spain ceded Florida to the US.
In addition, in 1867, the Russian Tsar gained 7,2 million dollars from selling Alaska to the Yanks.
Nowadays, only an imbecile would enter a claim for restitution of the afore-mentioned territories. Imagine, ‘Vlad’ (Putin) addressing the illustrious Donald, descendant of the German square head brigade: “Tovarish, grimme back the Kodiak bears and Russian Alasks..” A square-toed Donny: ‘Vlad’ Commie S.O.B., read my lips, that’s all you get: MOAB = mother of all bombs…”
In the light of the foregoing your correspondent’s allegation, the UN Resolution on Decolonization overrules the Gibraltar agreement of mutual consent, is highly preposterous considering the proven non colonial status of the Rock. Vice versa, said UN Resolution is fully applicable to the illegal annexation of the Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla, authentic colonies on Moroccan soil and an anachronism in the 21st century caused by a Member State of the European Union.
Mr Burrage seems to glean his information from Alice’s Wonderland by expressing a rather poor knowledge of current Spanish affairs: “…Spain has offered joint sovereignty (over Gibraltar) with GB.” Your correspondent arrs. The truth is that, subsequent to the outcome of the Brexit referendum ex-foreign minister JM García-Margallo boasted with the proposition of a shared sovereignty which would prevent Gibraltar’s severance from the European Union. Since the proposal of the lone ranger García-Margallo hit the press but lacking prior approval by his Partido Popular and the parliament, the minister was expelled from President Rajoy’s cabinet.

Best regards
Wilfried Weissmann

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