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July 5

Dear sirs,

An awful lot has been said and written recently regarding flights to the UK.

My wife and I have just travelled from Alicante to East Midlands Airport via Jet2 on June 29 flight LS642 at 10.35 hours.

The cabin crew were very smartly dressed and proved most professional and friendly.

The whole journey could not have been better.

Being old and finding it difficult to walk we did request ‘assisted travel’.

Wow! What service. It was like a military operation. Our son explained to the Jet2 booking in desk our situation. The lady looked up and replied “No problem”. Two assistant travel staff immediately arrived – sat us in the airport wheelchairs, placed a label on the chair and whisked us straight to security. Through there, to a waiting section with others and later onto our boarding gates.

The plane was a little late but within moments we were loaded directly to our seats, and I requested a glass of water – within seconds it arrived!

I do not know how they did it, but the plane managed to land at East Midlands Airport on scheduled time!

Arriving at East Midlands we (together with another two couples) were transferred to a new bus unit at plane height – seated, and the whole unit lowered itself to road level and driven to passport control.

In our airport wheelchairs we were rushed through to passport control, case collected and taken outside by the ‘assistant ambassadors’ to link up with our relatives.

Just felt that I must publicly congratulate all concerned in making a normally difficult journey into such a pleasant experience.

Bob Jarvis

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