Expats ‘waiting’ for justice

January 7
Dear Editor,
I read the review for 2019 with interest and never thought that so much happened on mine and other expat pensioners’ wonderful retirement in a lovely country.
I sincerely hope that in the review for this year it is possible to mention the long wait for expats to have their cases heard in the Spanish courts.
The cases I refer to are the number of cases ‘waiting’ to be heard regarding banks issuing mortgages on illegal properties?
Mine was regarding a UK subsidiary (Barclays Bank Spain) which was sold to a Spanish Bank (Caixa). In my case it is sixteen years since I was sold an illegal property and at 77 years old I am certain that we will never get a result whilst we are alive?
Hoping you will oblige,
Michael Kemp
Dear Mr Kemp
Our review did include the judicial victory obtained by Richard and Pauline Pope (May) following their years-long legal battle with Bankinter over a dream home that was never built.
We realise there are many ongoing cases and are only too happy to report on the outcome, but as you point out, justice is extremely slow in these cases. We sincerely hope the 2020 review will include your case with a positive result.


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