How dare Iran retaliate!

Hillsborough, Co. Down,
N. Ireland
January 6
How dare Iran retaliate! How dare Iran feel aggrieved! The United States only seeks peace and justice and sometimes it can only attain those ends through bombing, murder, and its own brand of terrorism. How dare Iran challenge US, global, military hegemony!
How dare Iran take measures to defend itself against outside aggression! In fact, the US loves freedom and democracy so fervently it is prepared to bomb a country into oblivion and support dictatorships across the world to achieve those noble ends.
How dare Iran break the nuclear deal which the US tore up months before!
How dare Iran support a sovereign state (Syria) which is under attack from western-funded, proxy armies!
But how dare Iran have its own proxy armies in countries bordering Iran!
How dare Iran deem to control its own resources and use the revenue from the sale of Iranian oil to benefit Iranian people!
How dare Iran take an independent path and not subordinate the country’s resources to servicing the US economy and enriching the shareholders of large, US multinational corporations!
And how dare anyone call this state of affairs, ‘fascism’!
Louis Shawcross

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