Perm probs


February 1, 2017

We have purchased the CBNews since 1993 when we came to Spain. We would never miss a week without buying unless we are out of the country.
On December 19 I took the advice of a hairdresser with an English girl’s name.
They advised me to have a perm as I was growing the top 50% longer. They did not examine my hair at all. They knew that I had multiple sclerosis as I had other beauty treatment there twice before and it was important to tell the person because of the treatment I was having. The perm was done by one of their stylists on the December 22, 2016.
I said to her only perm the top 50 % as that was the part I was growing.
This permanent is the worst that I had ever had! It made most of my hair very dry and the top 50% was very frizzy and most of the front left side also was frizzy.
I had my hair coloured on December 29 by a very good English hairdresser who had coloured my hair before this time.
I am only telling you this as they might blame the bad perm onto this fact.
When I went back and complained, another stylist looked at my hair and said it was the way I was putting in my large heated rollers. Well I have never had problems before so I went back to my Spanish-speaking hairdresser and she wrote down for me why my hair was frizzy and very dry. I translated this information into English and it said that the perm had made my hair dry and frizzy.
Then I made an appointment with the first hairdressers and told them what the Spanish hairdresser had written and since then I have been given excuses so that I cannot go back to have my haircut, so I saw another English hairdresser to give me a haircut and he said the first hairdresser should have cut my hair either before or after the perm!
So this is why I am writing this letter. The first hairdresser should have agreed that their stylist who permed me hair made a mistake!

Best regards
Brenda Hall

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