English 20 pound notes

January 23
You may, or may not be aware that the English £20 note will soon be changing and that on June 30 this year; the old paper note that has an image of Edward Elgar will cease to be legal tender.
I am writing to you, as I have not read anything about this change in any of the British newspapers that are published in Spain. It is quite likely that many English people living in Spain still have their old paper notes hidden away somewhere.
I think that an article about this should be included in your paper as it is quite likely that not all Brits are aware of the changes that will soon take place.
In brief, the situation is:
The paper £20 notes with the image of Edward Elgar will cease to be legal tender after 30 June this year.
The cotton £20 notes with the image of Adam Smith, which came into circulation in March 2007 are still legal tender but they will start to be replaced next month on 20 February by a polymer £20 note that features the artist James Turner.
N. Cunliffe

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