Far right

Co. Down,
N. Ireland
January 29
Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) asked a Danish journalist (Hans Skovgaard Andersen) if he was going to describe himself (Tommy) as ‘Far Right’ in the article he was writing.
The journalist thought for a moment (imagine that?) and then replied that he would probably call Tommy an ‘Islam critic’.
Tommy was satisfied with this description of himself as he admits he is a critic of the ideology of Islam. But he asked again if the journalist would still describe him as ‘Far Right’ in his article and the journalist admitted he might.
The term ‘Far Right’ has all types of connotations and one would think journalists would be aware of this. Or do they not care that calling someone ‘Far Right’ will conjure up a lot more than just someone’s opposition to the ideology of Islam?
The journalist even said, “What’s wrong with being Far Right?” Well, ‘Everything’ is the simple answer to that deliberately misleading question.
Louis Shawcross
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