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So, which literature would you say was most guilty of flattering to deceive? That of: Real Estate Agents; the backs of video cassettes; Banks; the dust covers of novels; travel brochures; or maybe the back labels of wine bottles? Perhaps you have other suggestions? Please e-mail them, it would make very interesting reading!
As for my view, well I’ll sit on the fence, except to say that I’ve probably been taken in by them all! Frustrating isn’t it?
Of course, to put it in Mastermind parlance, my specialist subject is wine, so I have a keen interest in what goes on the wine label. Sorry, but whilst I am interested to know: the reason why a certain wine was given its name; and how the vineyards look as dawn arrives over the nearby mountain range; and the fact that eagles nest in the nearby woods where also deer range free; and how many generations of the same family have been crafting wine here; and so on – this is of secondary importance.
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